Transcripts and Documents from the Murder Case

All documents below were obtained via publicly available court records. Because these documents were obtained through publicly available means, there may be redactions or other changes within the document. 

Transcripts with annotations for key testimony are available here

All Transcripts from the 2017 preliminary hearing for murder charges against Kyle Zoellner 

Annotations and page numbers for key testimony are available here

  • Naiya Wilkins Testimony 
  • Officer Krystle Arminio
  • Paris Wright Testimony
  • Liliana Jasso Testimony 
  • Kyle Castillo Testimony
  • Kristoff Castillo Testimony 
  • Jason Martinez and Det. Eric Losey Testimony 
  • Keaundrey Clark Testimony
  • Renalyn Bobadilla, Elijah Chandler, Officer Jacob Mckenzie, Officer Devon Nilsen, Detectives Eric Losey,  Detective Todd Dockweiler, Alex Begovic Testimony and Closing Arguments 

    Documents Prepared by Arcata PD

  • Statement of probable cause for arrest of Kyle Zoellner (in April 2017)
  • Arcata PD Supplement to Charging Summary (Public redacted version) This report contains detective Losey's misrepresentation of Jason Martinez's witness statement. The remaining complaint of Zoellner's lawsuit alleges that Det. Losey's mischaracterization of Martinez's statement amounts to malicious prosecution. See the transcript above for what Martinez actually testified to.

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